A range designed for professionals and distributors.

In addition to the Kings range, we have designed for you the JFK range, perfectly adapted to the sale in cellars and supermarkets. A calibrated price, an unmistakable packaging.

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Just For kings range

Stand out from the crowd with a full line of characterful whiskey, XO brandy, rum and gin.

Rhum Kikongo Gold Réserve

- JFK -

Rhum Kikongo

Gold reserve, matured in barrels
of Cognac

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XO Kings Club Brandy Impérial - Gamme JFK

- JFK -

XO Kings Club

Imperial Brandy X0, double distillation in alembic

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- JFK -

Lordly Whisky

Whisky 6 years old,
limited edition

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- JFK -

Royal Python Gin

Made from French grapes distilled in France, forbidden fruit aroma

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