Kingspirit Amber Rum Cocktails

Fresh cocktails

Amber rum is an alcohol frequently used for cocktails, because it is sweeter than white rum. There are 4 must-have cocktails that use amber rum as the base spirit. First, there is the dark mojito, the cousin of the white mojito with white rum, which is made with sparkling water, cane syrup, lime juice and mint leaves. There is also the Piña Colada, where white rum is added to the amber rum to enhance the flavor of the amber rum, all topped with pineapple juice and coconut milk. Finally, we can’t talk about a recipe for amber rum cocktails without mentioning Ti’punch, a composition in which fruit juices (guava, orange, pineapple), grenadine and lime are perfectly combined to make a drink bursting with sunshine. And, not to forget the Daiquiri, a very old cocktail (whose origins date back to the beginning of the 20th century) where amber rum is mixed with lime and sugar cane juice.

Hot cocktails

Less well known than fresh rum cocktails, hot cocktails made with amber rum are slowly starting to make their way onto bar menus. The grog reigns supreme, of course, even if some newcomers are starting to follow. Rather than the toddy, it would be more accurate to speak of toddies, as there are many variations of them. The original recipe consists of 4 ingredients: amber rum, hot water, honey and lemon. Depending on taste, some people like to add cinnamon, grated ginger, thyme, orange wedges, star anise or cloves. The hot pineapple punch is also gaining more and more followers, conquered by this amazing mix between amber rum and pineapple tea, accompanied by cinnamon. For coffee lovers, we can also mention the Creole coffee made of amber rum, honey, cane sugar and bitter almond liqueur, all fused with espresso. Extra tip: while this amber rum and coffee cocktail can be very comforting when you need to warm up, it can also be consumed chilled, with ice and a straw, to cool down after a hot day.

Other recipes based on KingSpirit amber rum

The arranged rum

In the last decade, rum concoction has become a very popular drink that can be made by yourself. The recipe is very simple since it is enough to let macerate fruits, spices or even candies in rum, white most of the time. Amber rum is reserved for vanilla blended rum, as its woody and spicy flavors blend perfectly with the fruit of the vanilla tree. If you want to try your hand at vanilla rum, you’ll need Kingspirit Amber Rum, a few vanilla beans, and cane sugar syrup. Attention, contrary to the arranged rums containing fruits, the alcoholic rate of the amber rum does not decrease with the maturation, because vanilla does not return water: it is thus necessary to be careful on the alcoholic strength of the rum which one chooses. Once the rum has been poured into a glass container, all that remains is to add the vanilla beans split in half before covering the whole thing for a few months. Cane sugar syrup will be added at the end of the maturation process, if needed.

Recipes for cooking

Amber rum is very often used in cooking recipes. On the sweet side, we can’t talk about amber rum without mentioning a French dessert that is the envy of the whole world: the famous rum baba! Very popular, it is composed of a spongy cake soaked in rum, and topped with a layer of whipped cream. Rum is also used to flavour pancake/waffle batter, or to flambé desserts such as banana flambé or Norwegian omelettes. It is also a very popular alcohol when it comes to swelling raisins before adding them to a cake for example. On the savory side, amber rum is frequently used in marinades for fish or white meats. It gives food spicy notes, which will be even more noticeable if it is cooked on the barbecue. When it comes to sauces, hot or cold, connoisseurs are unanimous: a few drops of Kingspirit amber rum added to the preparation is enough to witness an explosion of flavors and turn a classic dish into an exceptional dish!

We agree with you: all these recipes are mouth-watering! However, it is important to keep in mind that Kingspirit amber rum is a very high quality product, which will only reveal its full range of flavors if consumed neat, at room temperature, in a wide-bellied tulip glass!

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