Once considered a medicinal remedy, Gin is a brandy that has gradually settled into the hearts of fine alcohol lovers. It is often served in cocktails to allow its complex taste to come out fully. For a successful tasting, it is important to know what to drink gin with.

The main characteristics of Gin

What makes Gin special?

Gin is a spirit that originated in Holland. It is produced from various fermented cereals. It usually incorporates an aroma of juniper and other spices (sometimes). It owes its particular aroma to juniper berries.

Although these berries are not always the main ingredient in all brands of gin, they are found in the most reputable ones. This drink can be enjoyed in different ways. Some amateurs take it in glass with carbonated water. Others are seduced by the different aromatic fields.

What are the different aromatic fields?

Before you start tasting gin, it is wise to be able to differentiate the various aromatic fields. As you can imagine, we distinguish the gin juniper. This last one is classified among the traditional gins.

Then we find the spicy gins. This category includes cinnamon, pepper and coriander gins. They are perfect for giving your taste buds new experiences. Many gin lovers have adopted it as their first choice. If you want to do like them, don’t hesitate to buy your Royal Python Gin to enjoy an unusual nectar, alone or in good company.

If these gins don’t tempt you, turn to the floral gin. Gins in this category are often herbaceous and very fragrant. They are still used in classic gins and many other beverages. If you are interested in these gins, the current reference in this category is the French gin Citadelle.

But if you’re looking for an unforgettable experience, try Mare Gin. It has several aromas, including thyme, olive, basil and rosemary.

Finally, we distinguish the aromatic fields that are difficult to classify in a precise category. We call them unclassifiable. Among them are the Genever and the Old Tom Gin. The first is the Dutch ancestor of the English gin. The second one is characterized by its ageing in cask and the fact that it is flavored.

If you’re more of a tasty drinker, then no doubt you need to get some Sloe Gin.

How to drink gin properly?

What to drink gin with?

Although not very popular, drinking straight gin is the most effective way to enjoy this spirit and develop your palate. For this type of tasting, you should avoid combining your gin with elements that could alter its original taste. For example, you should not use ice or Tonic.

You may decide to drink gin in cocktails. For this, you have several choices at your disposal.

For example, you can opt for gin and tonic. However, instead of any industrial Tonic, we recommend that you opt for a high-end Tonic. The latter is generally without added sugar and is made with natural flavors.

Apart from the simple choice of gin and tonic, you must know how to make the right dosage to obtain an exquisite cocktail. As a general rule, two parts tonic to one part gin is enough to bring out all the qualities of your drink. You can add a personal touch to your cocktail by decorating it with a nice slice of lemon.

Let yourself be tempted by the Dry Martini. Whatever you choose, there are a few things to keep in mind that may seem trivial, such as the amount of ice and the glass to use.

Which glass to use and how much ice to apply?

For a successful tasting, you need to use the right glass. The choice of the latter must be made according to the cocktail you wish to taste. If your wish is to enjoy highball cocktails, consider a traditional drink.

Be aware that a spherical shaped glass will allow you to lock in the gin’s flavors. It also prevents ice cubes from melting quickly. The result is that you will enjoy a delicious, fresh and undiluted drink for a long time.

If you choose a French gin, then we recommend a glass of red wine.

As for the ice cubes to use for your cocktails, you should avoid those made with water from the tap. Remember to put in plenty of ice cubes to prevent them from melting quickly and to keep the drink fresh. In addition, prefer large, square blocks of ice that have a thick surface.

Gin is a very successful brandy. To take full advantage of its qualities and experience its full flavor, you need to know how to make the right flavor combinations and how to drink gin properly.

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