Lordly elegance

The imperious aromatic power of Lordly Whisky tolerates only the exceptional, does not tolerate the mediocre and only envisages the movement of the finest intelligence. Its refined and elegant bouquet outlines the warm, comfortable and vanilla profile of toast’s aromas As fine strategists, the tasting notes then enclose the coppery roundness of spicy fragrances.

The noble contours finally unleash the unique and formidable character of Lordly Whisky with a majestic finish of remarkable length. The dizzying depth of its aromatic notes defies any whisky: the intensity blossoms, brilliant, thanks to several months of maturation in the casks of one of the oldest Cognac houses, the heraldic figure of a new empire.

The strong personality of this spirit does not accommodate the approximate. Requiring the best of malted barley, a precise and careful fermentation and at least two distillations, Lordly Whisky is made in copper Charentais stills giving the whisky a perfect amber color.

A demanding whisky

Old Fashion. The term is eloquent and yet carries an authority that cannot be refuted. Until recently, whisky was one of the few spirits to resist the modern appeal of mixology. The aesthetes did not want it otherwise than in its purest form, savoring the exquisite strength emanating from this inimitable alcohol. It took all the talent of the best creators and cocktail specialists to convince this institution that is whisky. For it is indeed an institution that we are talking about. Imbued with a cultural aura, this alcohol evokes power exercised with the animal elegance of a determined resolve. From the fictional character to the politician, whisky is an alcohol of power and if it must be enriched, it is by intelligent and refined touches.

The bitter taste of the vermouth has largely proved itself but other sweeter flavors come to nuance the aromas of the whisky. Old Fashion’s thin orange slices gently shape the roundness of the spirit, although they are not privileged in this spirit. The mellow blackcurrant, the melting of the pear or the roasted coffee express some of the character traits of the whisky without denaturing it. Its opulent taste requires a fine palette when it comes to its accommodation. This is why it is surprisingly intense with the finest dishes: foie gras, cheeses, red meats, but also full-bodied chocolates and creamy and fragrant pastries.

Fast and elegant, Lordly Whisky draws the nobility of its character from excellence, the only condition for its creation. The quintessence of power, he only gets along with the distinguished elite capable of rising to his level…

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