Whisky probably evokes more often the Scottish and Japanese distilleries than the Charente region. In the land of cognac, however, whisky is also the law. Made from a unique know-how, the whisky made in Charente seduces the palate of the amateurs. How does it differ from cognac and what are the characteristics of this high-end alcohol ? The whisky from Charente reveals all its secrets.

Whisky made in Charente: a daring drink

A newcomer among the Charente spirits

The Charente rhymes with cognac. Moreover, only beverages made from Charentais grape varieties benefit from this appellation of controlled origin. If cognac is the undisputed star of the region, other spirits made in Charente are making their way alongside the local. Of course, whisky production still pales in comparison to its illustrious neighbor. Nevertheless, Charente whisky is taking off at the same time as the demand for ever more innovative spirits.

There is nothing like breaking codes after all, even in a region where whisky has sometimes seemed to be the rival of a reigning cognac. Excitement dominates the spirits market, fueled by the resurgence of out-of-the-box breweries. Elaborated in Charentais stills, our Lordly Whisky reveals a bouquet as fragrant as elegant. There’s no “à peu près” with this demanding whisky, whose intensity competes with a tasteful opulence mixing coppery and spicy flavors. Let yourself be carried away by its powerful notes or offer its sumptuous bottle as a majestic gift.

Cognac and whisky : what is the difference ?

Whisky or cognac, that is the question. In Hollywood movies, the two drinks are even confused more often than not. Similar amber hues and a reputation for elegance, these two spirits share many similarities. However, the resemblance is only apparent because cognac and whisky are clearly different. First of all, cognac is made from grapes. It is at the end of a double distillation that this unfiltered Charentes wine is transformed into a digestive with pronounced aromas.

Whisky, on the other hand, is produced by malting and brewing cereals. Barley, yeast and water, these are the not so secret ingredients of a good whisky. Fermented and distilled before being put into barrels, it reveals intense notes. The character of this complex spirit depends on each distillery and this profusion of tastes only makes the tasting richer.

Charentais whisky: a top-of-the-range French whisky

An alcohol that draws on the know-how of the Charente

It is not for nothing that the Charente has earned the nickname of Spirits Valley, or valley of spirits for those who do not speak the language of Shakespeare. This territory, which represents only a meager one percent of the national surface, produces 300 million bottles per year. The wine tradition of Charente goes back to time immemorial. In the 15th century, the introduction of distillation by Dutch traders marked a new golden age for the production of local alcohol.

As stills and distillation techniques were perfected, trading houses and breweries spread throughout the Charente Valley. The whisky made in Charente takes advantage of this unique know-how in France and even in Europe. From the distillation itself to the bottling and packaging, this country of craftsmen masters all the steps of the production. The result is a top-of-the-line whisky that will appeal to palates looking for a beverage that claims to be different.

Whisky from Charente: Pioneers who choose quality

Quantitatively, whisky made in the Charente is certainly struggling to impose itself in comparison with cognac. If whisky still occupies a confidential place in the Charente landscape, brewers and producers nevertheless emphasize quality. This authentically Charentais spirit thus asserts itself as an exceptional whisky. Benefiting from the region’s long tradition of export, the bottles are easily sold internationally.

However, the American and Chinese markets are not exclusive to this high-end French whisky, as approximately one million bottles are in circulation in France. Brewers and artisans have seized the heritage of the Charente region to produce a visionary spirit that renews the French art of living with style and refinement. The nobility of an ancestral terroir and the power of its aromas come together to create a whisky of incomparable distinction.

If France is today one of the world’s greatest whisky producers, it is certainly due to the know-how of the Charente region. Cognac and whisky now share the stage in the Charente. So you already see yourself with a glass of premium French whiskey in your hand? Emulating the dignified composure of the Lords, our Lordly Whisky is the discreet ally of a meditation by the fireplace, like the extra presence in the middle of a gathering.

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