A whisky is not drunk but tasted. However, the tasting codes of a good scotch or a single malt sometimes seem quite opaque to neophytes. So how to taste a whisky, and how to serve it in the rules of art? From the importance of the container to the choice of the setting, not to mention the thorny question of ice cubes, here are some basic principles to appreciate the different flavors of this star spirit.

How to taste a whisky ?

Take your time

Tasting whisky is a matter of subtlety and, by extension, patience.

There is no need to rush the process, as the delicate nuances of whisky are not revealed so opportunely. Instead, use your senses, without haste. First, observe the color of your whisky, which will give you information on the maturation of the beverage.
Then ask your sense of smell. Inhale the aromas coming out of your glass or dip your finger in it and rub it on your palm to feel the full character of the distillate. Then it’s time to offer you a first sip. To let all the flavors infuse, keep the whisky in your mouth for a long time. You can, to better aerate it, swirl it with your tongue or pass it from one cheek to the other. Once your mouth is fully accustomed to it, all you have to do is repeat the experience with renewed pleasure.

Choose carefully the place where you want to taste your whisky

The setting in which you enjoy your whisky is an integral part of the tasting ritual. Of course, each amateur has his own preferences. Some people enjoy whisky alone, while others see it as an opportunity for a convivial moment with friends. To ensure the best tasting conditions, however, choose a bright room. Also, avoid places saturated with odors that could overpower the aromas of your whiskey. You are then ready to appreciate all the finesse of your glass, provided you have served your whisky properly.

Whisky requires a fairly codified ritual to capture all its tones. In spite of these rules of use, tasting a whisky remains above all a question of pleasure. Imagine yourself comfortably installed in a place conducive to tasting, ready to smell the refined bouquet and savor the coppery roundness of an exceptional vintage.
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How to serve a whisky ?

Measure your whisky

Unlike many alcoholic beverages, whisky is not served in large gulps. Because of its high alcohol content, the dose of whisky is usually 3 cl . For the anecdote, a standard glass of whisky contains then the same alcohol content as a balloon of wine. The connoisseurs prefer to use the term dram to describe the typical glass of whisky, especially in Scotland. The term ” baby” corresponds to a dosage of about 2 cl, while the whole is close to 4 cl .

Ice cubes, for or against?

Knowing how to serve a whisky also means caring about its temperature. This spirit should be drunk at room temperature, between 18 and 20 °. How to refresh your whisky, then? In principle, experts are unanimous in their opinion that ice is detrimental to a qualitative whisky tasting , as it numbs the taste buds. As an alternative, you can opt for a little room temperature water . A few drops are enough to release the bouquet of the beverage. The addition of water also helps to reduce the concentration and fire of the alcohol. In doing so, water makes whisky more accessible to palates less accustomed to its powerful flavors.

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